5 Affordable Tips to Refresh Your Home

Do you ever feel the urge to switch things up in your home or get bored of the same old decor and accessories? I do, but where to begin? Whether it’s one room or your entire home, it can be fun to give your home a mini makeover here and there – and it’s easier than you think.

Looking to “lighten up” my own surroundings, I reached out to Celeste Randolph, owner of Celeste Randolph Designs and asked her to share a few budget-friendly tips to give your home or just a room a facelift without breaking the bank. Today I’m sharing 5 simple ways to transform your space without spending too much money or putting forth a lot of effort.


I recently removed every accessory from each shelf in my family, kitchen, living and dining rooms. After laying everything out on the kitchen table, I picked up each piece – held it in my hand – and if it wasn’t bringing me joy I placed the piece in a box to donate. Sentimental pieces were packed in a bin to store away in the attic to revisit at a later date. This process left me with a collection of accessories that I loved. After dusting each “new” piece, I began to “stage” each of the 4 rooms from the pile – challenging myself to place some of the accessories in new locations throughout the house. When I was finished, I had a short list, which included fresh vase filler, orchids, and 3 new picture frames to showcase updated photos of the kids in. The total cost to replace these items was under $150.

5 Ways to Refresh Your Home

Add Greenery

When it comes to greenery, opt for real plants when possible. We tend to place artificial plants in places that collect a lot of dust and just leave them there forever. Consider removing or replacing a few here and there. Real orchids are easy to care for and last months. Showcase a beautiful vessel or antique container by placing an orchid and some moss in it. You will be amazed at the beauty as simple white orchid can bring to a room.

5 Ways to Refresh Your Home

Retire Heavy Fabrics

Lampshades, drapery, curtain tiebacks, and old throw pillows fade or collect dust over time. However, they can be removed or switched out at little to no cost. It’s amazing how something as simple as removing lampshades from your chandelier can brighten a room. Give it a good dusting, then swap in new candelabra flame tip light bulbs…voila!

5 Ways to Refresh Your Home


Switch out candles and diffusers for each season. Think ‘sea salt’ and ‘beach’ scents for the summertime, ‘mint’ and ‘grass’ for spring, ‘citrus’ and ‘wood’ for fall and ‘smoke’ and ‘leather’ for wintertime. Scents are very personal and bring back memories of days gone by, find one that adds to your home sanctuary.

5 Ways to Refresh Your Home

Towel/Bedding Swap

Everyday items such as bath, hand and face towels get nasty. Faded, stained and out-of-fashion colors can date your home. Consider re-purposing your old towels for cleaning purposes and replace them with fresh fluffy towels. Beautiful white towels can be found in bulk at Costco and can transform a bathroom. While you are at it, swap out the faded bath rug for a fresh, clean white option. If you’re in the mood to spurge, Celeste suggests you check out the Macy’s Hotel Collection for a new white duvet cover and sheet set.

5 Ways to Refresh Your Home



Whether it’s buying, selling, or just enjoying what you have, please consider us your soup to nuts real estate partner. We that hope this post was helpful if you’ve been looking for a way to switch things up in your home. Each of these five tips are affordable and have the potential to make a big impact to any room. Your home should be a place to relax and enjoy life – your Happy Place. Strive to create spaces that make you feel at peace and if something’s not working; declutter, sort, reorganize and freshen up with select new accessories.


Rick & Suzanne