5 Beautiful Tablescaping Ideas For Summer Entertaining

Summer is a time to enjoy life outside, which includes where we dine. Be it an outdoor dinner party or simply a farm-to table meal with family, part of the fun is deciding how you want to style your table. And whether you choose to keep it light or go more elaborate, there are easy ways to make you vision come to life for you and your guests. Today I rounded up a 5 Tablescapes that are simple yet elegant, and can be recreated in a few easy steps.

Idea 1: Go Green

Succulents and cacti arrive with personality for an unexpected tablescape. Line the center of your table with various succulents and add white or off-white candles of various heights. Keep the rest of the table rustic with rattan chargers and global linens for a earthy summer outdoor vibe.

Idea 2: A Taste of Tuscany

Start by lining the center of your table with all types of leaves and adding white candles. Personally, I would add lemons throughout the setup to add bright pops of color to the table. White linens and plates complete this simple, yet relaxed setting.

Idea 3: Let The Food Do The Talking

Line the center of the table with an extra long charcuterie board(s). Fill the board(s) with meats, cheeses, olives, and fruit for an edible centerpiece your guests are sure to enjoy!

Idea 4: Modern Farmhouse

Begin with a rustic table and keep the rest simply white. White candles, white florals in mixed bottles or metal containers line the center. Simple white plates allow the rustic table to shine.

Idea 5: Candlelit Lanterns

Start with a simple white linen table cloth. I love to line the center of the table with a garland table runner. Add a few lanterns or candles for a cozy rustic vibe.

Whether it’s buying, selling, or just enjoying what you have, please consider us your soup to nuts real estate partner. We that hope this post was helpful if you’ve been looking for a few fresh ideas to set your own outdoor table. Each of these five Tablescapes are affordable, in fact many of the elements used may be found in you own backyard or cupboards. Bon Appetit!


Rick & Suzanne