How to Make A Beautiful Bed

How to Make A Beautiful Bed

Whenever Rick and I are preparing a home for the market, we spend quite a bit of time and focus on making sure the bedrooms in a home reflect a beautiful and cozy space. Today’s article, How to Make a Beautiful Bed includes designer tips beginning with linen selection, pillows, and shams to photos of six luxurious beds from homes that we have recently staged and sold. Beautiful bedrooms shouldn’t be reserved for marketing brochures. After all, we spend a third of our lives sleeping, our bedroom should be a luxurious place to rest and enjoy.

Luxurious Bed Linens

  1. Buy the best linens you can afford, starting with the ones close to your body. I prefer white sheets for a simple, luxurious look. Read more about shopping for linens and thread count in last week’s article, Debunking Thread Count (HERE).
  2. Make your bed with the finished top edge of your flat sheet face down.
  3. Add a blanket or coverlet as your second layer, then fold the flat sheet over the top of the 2nd layer.
  4. Add a comforter or duvet in a weight that’s appropriate for your climate and the season. I prefer using comforters and duvets because they add loft and make your bed look plush and inviting (see photos below for an idea on how to fold back your comforter).
  5. Place a favorite throw at the foot of the bed – it makes your bed look all that much cozier and it’s useful for chilly nights when you are reading or watching TV in bed.

Pillows and Shams

Once you have your basic bed set up, decorative shams and pillows are the icing on the cake and will give your bed a welcoming and chic look. Choosing a variety of neutral shades and textures creates a restful, luxurious feel while more colorful patterned pillows are a great way to infuse your space with personality.

What is the Magic Number of Shams/Pillows on a Bed?

1. For a Double or Queen-sized bed, a simple arrangement of two square euro shams, two standard sized pillow shams decorative +  lumbar (long rectangle) pillow are a winning combination. Alternatively, you could replace the lumbar pillow with 3 square toss pillows. Note how the use of colorful patterned pillows and comforter, bring personality and style into an all-white bedroom space. To view more photos of this Los Altos bungalow, visit our properties page | HERE.

Double Bed With Square Pillows

2. The elegant double bed shown below showcases how a lumbar pillow looks when added to the simple combination of two square euro shams + 3 square toss pillows.

San Carlos, 525 Vista Avenue | Double Bed

3. This queen-sized bed uses the same formula as the double bed above, with the addition of 1 large and 1 small square pillow.

Frampton | Queen Size Bed

4. This queen-sized bed uses the same simple arrangement of two square euro shams, two standard sized pillow shams decorative + 2 square throw pillows (vs 3 above), for a clean and luxurious look. For more photos of this modern remodel in San Carlos, visit our properties page | HERE.

San Carlos, 525 Vista Avenue | Queen Bed

King-Size Beds:

5. A King-sized bed can be a trickier than a queen or double bed, as you have more space to work with, and therefore more options. My personal choice is 3 Euro Pillows, 2 king-size shams + lumbar (long rectangle) pillow. Alternatively, you could add 3 square toss pillows behind your lumbar pillow as seen in the bedroom below. For more photos of this beautifully staged Los Altos Hills bedroom, visit our properties page | HERE.

How to Make A Beautiful Bed | King Size Bed

6. This all-white king size bed is actually the same formula as above – without the use of a lumbar pillow. To view more photos of this new-construction Los Altos home, visit our properties page | HERE.

How to Make A Beautiful Bed

Whether it’s buying, selling, or just enjoying what you have, please consider us your soup to nuts real estate partner. We that hope this post was helpful if you’ve been looking for a way to switch things up in your home. Your home should be a place to relax and enjoy life – your Happy Place. Strive to create spaces that make you feel at peace and if something’s not working; make a change. Often it’s the smallest change that creates the biggest impact.

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