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Compass recently rolled out a pre-market renovation program called Compass Concierge, which was designed to empower sellers in maximizing the value of their property before placing the property on the market. Compass will advance funds, interest-free, which may be used to renovate a property before going to market. Painting, floor covering, landscaping, even kitchen, and bath remodels may be completed through this program.  Once the house is sold, Compass is reimbursed out of the escrow proceeds, again, interest-free. Before Compass Concierge, we had many clients that would have been interested in completing a minor renovation if the process had been streamlined, quick and didn’t require an up-front investment, particularly when dealing with estate sales that involve multiple decision-makers involved.

Since 2010, we have purchased and resold more than 40 properties on our own account, most of which involved some level of renovation.  Over time, we have found that some improvements are more effective in enhancing value than others, with the ultimate goal of adding more value than the associated expense.  While this may seem obvious on the surface, its really an art form learned over time through trial and error. We enjoy sharing our expertise on this matter and believe that we can demonstrate that our skill set in this area is both unique and compelling.

If you are considering selling your home, we would welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss how Compass Concierge may be a useful tool, particularly when implemented through our social media marketing plan.  For example, by producing video content that illustrates before, during and after the renovation, we can produce a sharp video that generates pre-interest in the property and features the enhancements. The following video illustrates a starter home in Los Altos that underwent a modest $10,000 renovation (including staging), which we believe added value well beyond the cost of the work performed. 

For more information and photos of this property, visit 48 Pasa Robles Avenue, Los Altos | HERE.

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About Us: Rick and Suzanne Bell are real estate agents with over 45 years combined experience in real estate home sales.  Serving Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Palo Alto, Mountain View and surrounding Silicon Valley communities, Rick and Suzanne deliver a diverse and unique skill set when assisting clients in the marketing of their homes.

Rick’s background in both commercial and residential real estate marketing, coupled with his personal experience in real estate investment and home renovation empowers Rick’s clients with creative, unique and practical solutions when preparing and marketing their homes for sale.

Having managed nearly 500 employees as a Nordstrom store manager, Suzanne’s background in leadership, problem solving & customer service provides for a very unique skill set in addressing the challenges often faced during a modern real estate transaction.

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